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Per la Salute mentale

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’Opening up the institution does not mean opening a door,
it means opening up
our mind with respect to this patient’.
Franco Basaglia, 1979, Lesson/Meeting with the Trieste Nurses

Because of these words and because of these situations, we started to understand...

Leros Greece Europe (1989/94)


“In English-speaking cultures, experience is a crucial word.
It is life which builds upon itself, which stratifies, event upon event, surprise upon surprise, painful moment after painful moment. What results is the form of knowledge, it is knowledge itself.
Without experience, there is no knowledge which can resist against time.”
Enzo Siciliano (reviewing a new book by Martin Amis).

Learning by Doing
How can We be sure of working for Mental Health
( Freedom and Responsability in Community = Participation)
and not for a new Psychiatry ( = Exclusion)?

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Texts and media in this Website from:

"Harmful to oneself and to others: asylum practises and how to avoid them.
Some practical/theoretical guidelines for those working in mental health."

A "Leonardo" European Project, 2002/04, Trieste - Birmingham - Bremen.

Edited by:
Maurizio Costantino
Roberta Accardo, Claudia Battiston, Livia Bicego, Cristina Brandolin, Andrea Clarot, Lorenzo Decarli, Rossana De Santi, Cristina Facco, Adriana Fascě, Linda Giuliani, Paola Marchino, Cristina Piccardo, Giampiero Prelazzi, Dante Scarpetta, Cristiana Sindici, Gioia Sola.


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